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Earning is a real headache of this age. There are many ways of earning money but Everyone don't want to go away from his home and his beloved family. For people with these conditions has only option of earning which is online earning. There are so many ways of online earning in this world of Information and Technology. I am going to discuss all prominent methods of online earning shortly and after which I will try to elaborate all the difficulties and tricks in all these methods.

Blogging : 

            Blogging is the most popular way of earning money online. There are many websites which allow you to put your efforts and skills in front of world and earn from your efforts and skills. There are so many websites which are offering free blogging. Google and wordpress are the most dominant bloging websites beside all the miner websites.


            Blogger is the best platform for bloggers. If you can attract people on your blog then you can earn sufficiently from Google blogger. Blogger is very friendly to use and you can use Google adsense with blogger. You can earn money from blogger very simply. 


           Wordpress is also user friendly and you can earn from wordpress blog. Wordpress is offering free bloging with premium blogging. You can also earn from wordpress blogging by Google adsense. 


        If you are not willing to do blogging with both blogger and Wordpress then there are so many options for you. For earning you may start blogging with Blog ,  TypePad Micro , Jux , Tumblr , Posterous Spaces, Blogetery , Weebly and LiveJournal . 

Free lensing:

       If you have freelensing skills than online money earning is very easy for you. There are so many websites offering you so much amount for your each design. I am going to tell you some prominent websites by which you can earn money online. 


     Fivver offers a reasonable amount for your effort. You can earn a sufficient amount amount from your skill  at fiverr. There are many websites which are offering money for your lensing skills. I will discuss all the methods for earning in next posts.  


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