How to add a new label to multiple posts on blogger

Blogging is a common source of income now a days. Blogging is not a difficult task but the condition is that you should be with a technical mind. There are some blogging tricks I will try to elaborate all the tricks one by one. First of all I am going tell you how to add labels to one or more existing post. There are many possibilities, we will check all these on by one.

First let see from where we have to start. After opening your blog click on posts and this window will appear in front of you.

   After going to post window , select the posts you want to add labels with those posts. simply check the desired post/posts. After selecting post/posts go to label tab which is pointed at below shot.
Now when you click on the point icon , the labels will appear. You can add any label to your existing selected posts. There is also an option of adding a new blogger label. Then just click on the first option of this drop down window.
 After clicking on new label a new window will appear with an option of a new label. On this box you can add a new desired label.

This is how so simply you can add a new label to an existing blogger post. If this post was helpful then please tell us how to improve and what you want from our side. If it is not a good approach then please also guide us. We are anxiously waiting for your comments and suggestions.


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